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We know that your time is precious and thus we wanted to provide answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions that we receive. With that being said, know that no matter what, you can always give us a call or contact us here to ask us your questions! You’re never a bother!


Yes. The wiring does not change however the dimmer would need to be specific to the light bulbs and quantity of lights on that switch.

If the outlet is located in the kitchen, bathroom, garage or exterior it could be due to the fact that the GFCI outlet has been tripped and needs to be reset. Also if the outlet is installed upside down it means your outlet is on a switch.

Either your smoke detector needs new batteries or you might need to replace your current smoke detector with a new one.

Sometimes the cause is that the light bulb has not been screwed in all the way or it may be that the LED bulbs are getting interference from another appliance in your home.

If it is an arc-fault breaker (which means it has a reset button on the breaker) it could be that there are wires to close to each other in an outlet or switch. There are also certain vacuums and appliances that cause these breakers to trip.

Check that you are pushing the switch on the breaker completely into the OFF position, listening for a ‘click’. Then, switch it into the ON position. 

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